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I am in love with my Rally Capsules! I can tell a big difference in the way I feel in the mornings after drinking when I take my Rally Caps. before I go to bed. I don’t have the awful headaches, and I feel I am not dehydrated, because I don’t feel like I need to drink gallons of water. I reccomend this product for anyone who needs some hangover help!
— Lori Hudson (Amazon User)
I was really skeptical about these Rally Hangover pills. I received them and put them up till I had a crazy drunken night, Well the day after a fun night I took one with a full glass of water and let me tell you my headache completely went away.I was in awe and couldn’t believe that this product actually worked. I didn’t feel sluggish or dead. I felt as if I never drank the night before. I recommend you drinkers to purchase these Dihydromyricetin Hangover Rally Pills.
— Rosalee Jacklin (Amazon User)
I bought these to bring to a bachelor party in Vegas. The first day by the pool I got a bit to quick of a start and overindulged to the point I had what they refer to in the world of competitive eating as “a reversal”. I took a couple of Rally’s, some water, Pedialyte and took a quick power nap. The others in my party had written me off for the night. After a couple of hours of sleeping I rose like the Phoenix and was out until 9am the next morning. I’m not 100% sure it was the rally that saved me but it was a rather miraculous turn around and I’ll definitely use it again in more civilized circumstances.
— S. Phillips (Amazon User)
First of all these things are great. I swear by them now-if I have a drink I don’t go to bed without taking one. They take what could be a horrible morning and make it actually pretty bearable. For the working professional who likes the after work happier hour these are perfect I’d recommend them to just about anyone. In fact the only person I wouldn’t suggest this to is people who like hangovers.
— Samuel (Amazon User)
This stuff really works.
— Kean (Bulu Box)
I am shocked at this product and mad that it wasn’t around when I was in college. I generally don’t drink too horribly much anymore but even a little goes a long way in my aging body. This helped me feel like I hadn’t drink a thing the night before! Awesome!
— Megan (Bulu Box)
Sometimes I have an overly harsh reaction to wine. After about two glasses of wine I could feel that all too familiar lurking, burnt out, rundown sensation coming on. I took the Rally with a big glass of water before bed and I was perfect the next day. I plan on always having this in my medicine cabinet.
— Gloria (Bulu Box User)
Product is amazing! I took these the night before after drinking a lot, and the next day I felt as if I hadn’t took a sip of alcohol and was ready to go. Would recommend.
— Amy Ballou (Amazon User)
Sometime its hard to tell, because you never really know when you’re going to have a hangover or not. But either way after a long night of drinking I’m taking these bad boys. They don’t take away tiredness but they do help with sick to your stomach kind of feeling. I can get in a car and not want to die every time I hit a bump. For two dollars a night, its absolutely worth it. I recommend laying them on your pillow before you go out so you remember to take them.
— Katie (Amazon User)
These are the only pills of this type that really make a noticeable difference. They worked for me and my wife. You should give them a try.
— Gregory Cason (Amazon User)
I didn’t even know hangover pills existed!! But since I have got these, I have tried them twice and love them!! No headache, no nausea, nothing. I’m a little tired, but what do you expect after a night of drinking. Highly recommended
— Brooke (Amazon User)
As a pharmacist, I always evaluate the ingredients on the label of medications and supplements. When I reviewed this label, all of the ingredients are pretty much what you would find in a daily vitamin with the addition of the active ingredient, DHM, which is derived from a natural source and really makes this product work based on its mechanism of action. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t include acetaminophen or an NSAID like ibuprofen so you can avoid any associated side effects of those products. Even better....this product really works! I’ve tried Rally Capsules a few times now and I have to say it has worked every time. I’m in my 30s and I’ll admit it’s rough getting up and getting through the day after a night of drinking. After taking Rally Capsules with a full glass of water, I feel so much better than my baseline if I hadn’t taken it. I’m always pleasantly surprised to wake up the next morning with a significant reduction to nearly no hangover symptoms that I’m normally used too after a night of drinking. It definitely helps me rally through the day! The next time you have a few drinks and hit your personal hangover threshold, I recommend you reach over and put on your DHM/vitamin-filled “Rally Cap”!
— Lisa (Amazon User)
this really works. to be honest I was a little skeptical at first but I gave them a shot anyways. I’m glad I did.
— Ines (Bulu Box)